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    Hi, <BR><BR>I have an application that uses hit counter to keep a count on the number of visitors to my web site. <BR><BR>I included a retrieval (in Global.asa) of the last visit hit count from DB on Application Start() to an application variable. On every Session Start(), the system will increment the application variable by one.<BR><BR>At Application End(), the system will write the application variable to the DB.<BR><BR>My problem is:<BR><BR>1. When I closed my window explorer (same PC, as client browser and ASP server), I thought the DB hit count would have been updated. But it was not. Why?<BR><BR>2. I end the default web site (IIS 5.0) using the same PC but the DB counter was not updated. Why?<BR><BR>My program actually performs a close DB after writing the hit count to DB at Application End().<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>Sebastian

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    The Application_OnEnd event is only fired when the server shuts down.<BR><BR><BR>MikeD.

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