hi,<BR> i have been trying to read data from an excel file ,<BR> i am using the microsoft excel driver , the connection string is<BR><BR>Con.ConnectionString = "DBQ=" & xlfullpath & ";DRIVER=Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls);UID=admin;"<BR><BR>con.open<BR><BR>where xlfullpath is the absolute path to my excelfile<BR><BR>i am opening a resultset like this<BR><BR>rs.open "select * from [sheet1$] where year like &#039;1995&#039;",con<BR><BR>i tried the same with the jet oledb 4.0 driver too , both retrive data very well, however i have a problem if a column has text data as well as number data<BR><BR>for example in my case ,<BR><BR>a column called SNo has values<BR><BR> 8 <BR> 14<BR> 14<BR> 227-23<BR> 23<BR> 23-23<BR> 24<BR>and so on<BR><BR>the values of 227-23 , 23-23 are not being retrieved , i am unable to understand why , i think it maybe because the drivers can read only one kind of data in every column, i tried formatting the column to text in excel 2000 but to no avail , any help would be greatly appreciated !<BR>