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    I have a string with multible comma&#039s. I only want to replace the last one. I&#039ve tried "Replace" but it steals part of the string. I&#039ve tried a "Do Loop" with "Mid" but nothing gets replaced. <BR><BR>sNum=Replace(sqlQuery,",","")<BR><BR>Do<BR >sNum = InStr(sqlQuery,Chr(41))<BR>If sNum &#062; 0 then Mid(sqlQuery, sNum) = ""<BR>Loop Until sNum = 0<BR><BR>Thanks Wayne<BR>

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    I would try something like this...<BR><BR>strVariable = "2,3,5,7,,8,9"<BR><BR>strVarReverse = strReverse(strVariable)<BR><BR>intLastComma = Instr(strVarReverse, ",")<BR><BR>strNewVariable = Left(strVariable, Len(strVariable)-intLastComma)<BR>strNewVariable = strNewVariable & Mid(strVariable, Len(strVariable)-intLastComma + 2)<BR><BR>Response.Write strNewVariable<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry<BR><BR><BR>

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