We&#039;re developing an n-tier app, and we&#039;re having some problems handling errors from the database. In SQL Server 7, we&#039;ve defined a lot of custom errors in the sysmessages table and use raiseerror to throw our errors. The error number that gets bubbled back to to the data broken COM component doesn&#039;t correspond to the right error number (actually, the error number is always the same no matter what the error is). So, we have to use the Errors collection on the ADO connection object in the data broker and the NativeError property, yada yada.<BR><BR>In our design, all errors are handled on the presentation tier in ASP code, but the system is a lot more robust than just spitting out an error message and telling the user to click the back button on the browser. Does anyone have any links to dealing with SQL Server custom errors that bubble through a 4 tier system? I&#039;m obviously missing something here, or there&#039;s a design flaw.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Jeremy Lowery