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    Jason Guest

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    We have a page that contains 30 input fields. We are posting using the post command to another page. When the reading through the request.form items, they are out of order from the previous page. The order is always the same, but not alphabetical, by tab order or dependent on the entries.<BR>Does anyone know what the fields are ordered by when posting?<BR>Thanks

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I think the items will be in the order of the input tag in the form. If you have 3 input tags then<BR>1. &#060;input name="Name"..<BR>2. &#060;input name="Xyz"...<BR>3. &#060;input name="Abc"...<BR><BR>the items will be in having Name first, xyz and Abc next.

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    Jason Guest

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    Unfortunately that’s not the case, at least not on our form. We were under the same impression when we started. Our results, using your example would be like Xyz first, Abc and Name next.<BR>We still can&#039t figure out how they are ordering.<BR>Thanks for your help.

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    jason Guest

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    No, unfortunately they dont work that way, that is our question. <BR>we have fields like <BR>name: <BR>address:<BR>phone:<BR>color:<BR>make:<BR>and they will post to the next page <BR>name: <BR>color:<BR>make:<BR>address:<BR>phone:

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    jason Guest

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    sorry about the double post, my partner and i both read and replied to this without consulting each other. thks for your help.

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