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    Smad Guest

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    I am using a recordset to retrieve on each page 3 random records from an Access db. The queried table has 16 rows with 3 records. I am trying to speed up the website a little and I was wondering how can you cache the recordset and if that is possible, how to to it. I am kind of a ASP newbie so... explain good<BR><BR>Thank you very much<BR>Smad

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default Why recreate the wheel

    Well,<BR><BR>Personally, I don&#039;t know how to cache a recordset.<BR><BR>But why not use GetRows or GetString?<BR><BR>They are MUCH faster than using a recordset.<BR><BR> has a decent read on using getrows. <BR><BR>its worth it to learn, once you know how to do it, using a recordset goes out the window for the most part.

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    Default Let the DB engine do the caching...

    It will do it automatically, keeping any "HOT" tables in memory so that the query time is minimal, using all in-memory data.<BR><BR>If you cache the tables (which is what you are *really* talking about here) for each user, you just multiply the amount of memory being eaten up.<BR><BR>EXCEPTION: *IF* you are using the same *CONSTANT* records that are either never or very seldom updated, then it *WOULD* be a good idea to store the recordset (probably as an array...see ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows) as an *APPLICATION* variable. See? Many users now have simultaneous access to the same data. *THAT* is worth caching. But not one table per user.<BR><BR>

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    arun raj Guest

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    like mr. wilkinson said using an application variable is a good way , another approach could be to create an xml file with these records and use it everytime, of course this all depends on whether ur data changes often, if not u can use file i/o as it is always faster than reading from a database.

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