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    What are the differences/uses of the Compare argument for the instr function?<BR><BR>vbBinaryCompare <BR> -Perform a binary comparison.<BR>vbTextCompare <BR> -Perform a textual comparison<BR>vbDatabaseCompare <BR> -Perform a comparison based upon information contained in the database where the comparison is to be performed

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    i&#039ve only used the first two, so here&#039s a quick explanation of them...<BR><BR>vbBinaryCompare - compares the binary value of your search string to the binary value of the searched-in string.<BR>vbTextCompare - compares the text value of your search string to the text value of the searched-in string.<BR><BR>what does this mean? vbBinaryCompare looks for an exact match - case-sensitive, etc... vbTextCompare looks for a text match - case insensitive...<BR><BR>

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