All of you Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thread: All of you Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default All of you Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE USE NICE LANGUAGE AND DON&#039;T FIGHT UNNECESSARILY. INSTEAD DISCUSS THE PROBLEM SO THAT EVERY ONE WILL FEEL HAPPY TO SHARE THE IDEAS. <BR><BR>AND make this board user friendly and library for technical Info not for some garbage of offensive words.

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    Default you're not the boss of me

    hey mom, thanks for the tip.<BR>keep up the good work.

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    Default RE: you're not the boss of me

    Yeah... And if someone is going to come at me, I&#039;m coming right back at em!

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    Default Oh **** off and get a life

    You sad little person

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    Default Quick someone blow the Conch <eop>


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