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Thread: Let's put a little thought into the posts

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Default Let's put a little thought into the posts

    Geez...<BR><BR>No one is going to write your entire code out for you. Don&#039;t ask generalized questions -- the more specific you ask, the more specific the answer.<BR><BR>Post relevant code and say what you&#039;ve tried... you won&#039;t be passed up as easy as Godzilla ("Give me online database") or our new friend who wants the freakin&#039; Family tree.

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    Default Tony rulez!!

    Now how about answering my question on DAO vs ADo if you get a chance.

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    Default RE: Tony rulez!!

    I&#039;m not very familar with DAO -- but I&#039;m a little confused on what you&#039;re asking... can you repost by your original question?

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    DanMac Guest

    Default RE: Let's put a little thought into the posts

    My boss has a shirt that makes him look like Tony Soprano on a bad day. (fat, not much hair, face looks like a bulldog sucking piss off a thistle) Heheh :-)<BR><BR>Sopranos ... top show, more gangster stuff and less psychologists though, methinks.<BR><BR>Heh...<BR><BR>Sorry, I think I missed the point of your post :-)

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Default LOL!

    I used to think more gangster stuff, but I actually enjoy all the symbolism that goes with his family -- all the power and money, yet can&#039;t control his snotty little daughter. Still good though... it&#039;s a shame it&#039;s almost over already.<BR><BR>The point was that people are asking very vague questions that don&#039;t require an answer that can be written out in a post... most of these are answers that would be given out to a paid contractor to code for them...<BR><BR>Ah, it&#039;s Friday before a 3 day weekend, and I guess I&#039;m a little grouchy...

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    The Old Fart Guest

    Default Come now! *MOST* people...

    ...put as little thought as possible in them, already.<BR><BR>

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