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    John Killarney Guest

    Default Problem with Select?

    Not getting the correct results...(Either BOF or EOF is True, ...,etc.) so I&#039;m assuming that my sql is wrong.<BR><BR>looking to select where column x = y<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * from tbl where x = &#039;" & y & "&#039;"<BR><BR>is this not correct? I have valid data in there, yet I always get,<BR>either EOF, or BOF, etc...<BR><BR>my recordset,<BR>, conn, sql<BR><BR>see any problems?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    2 things <BR><BR>Response.write your values to see what you are getting. Debug debug debug!<BR><BR>Second, where is the value of y coming from?

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    John Killarney Guest

    Default RE: Problem with Select?

    Should have thought of response.write.<BR><BR>It stops after the =<BR>(no value)<BR>SELECT * from x where dep = &#039;&#039; <BR><BR>Y isn&#039;t coming from a form or anything. Just an entry in the<BR>SQL db.

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    John K. Guest

    Default Changed SQL, still problem

    sql = "SELECT * from table where x =&#039; y &#039;"<BR><BR>still gives the EOF, BOF<BR><BR>There is data!

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    John K. Guest

    Default Got It

    spaces!<BR><BR>I had spaces, shouldn&#039;t have.<BR><BR>Thanks,

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