Dilemma - Session or Query?

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Thread: Dilemma - Session or Query?

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    On a series of pages, I need to fill several list boxes dynamically from a database depending on previous user input (it can be the same data over and over). I thought the best way to alleviate querying the database on every page would be to fill session-level arrays and populate the list boxes from the arrays. But I hear that using session variables is taxing on the memory of the server.<BR><BR>The three arrays: 10 items, 10-12 items and 80-100 items.<BR><BR>This will be on the internet, so database performance and memory usage are both concerns. I don&#039;t know which approach would be less stressful on our server. <BR><BR>Or if there are any other possibilities…<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Session arrays will be okay... I&#039;m sure your hardward can handle it.

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    Default db query will be less...


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