I&#039;m using the following code on a Win 2000 Advanced server to send a test email. My web page runs with the code, but no email gets sent to the user. I installed the SMTP services, upgraded the code to support CDO on Win 2000 and don&#039;t understand why no email is generated and sent. It used to work fine on Nt 4.0. Any Suggestions. Thanks, Jeff<BR><BR><BR>dim objmail<BR><BR>Const cdoSendUsingPickup = 1<BR>set objmail = createobject("CDO.Message")<BR><BR><BR> with objmail<BR> .To="support@fpsoft.com"<BR> .From="support@fpsoft.com"<BR> .Subject="Test"<BR> .HTMLBody= "test"<BR> .Send<BR> end with<BR> set objmail = nothing