Disable the "BACK" button in browser?

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Thread: Disable the "BACK" button in browser?

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    Liu Guest

    Default Disable the "BACK" button in browser?

    I would like to prevent the user from clicking the "Back" button in the browser to get back to some nonexisting data. I got two pieces of suggestion: disabling the "Back" button in the browser, or not letting the page entered in the browser&#039s history. Which way is practical? How to do it? YOur help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Sathiya Guest

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    Their will be secrity violation if you disable back button or clear history. Because the browser window was not opened by the programmer. If you open a window you can remove the toolbar so that the back problem will be removed 30% , then you need to disable right mouse click because it has back option and Back space also a back button in some cases. So think about it. i read some article in www.webabstract.com in their forum about disabling back button.

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