Ok this question is not related to a web application but rather to a pure DB app. Ok so here is the problem:<BR><BR>Lets say I have 2 tables in access a table with regionID (primary key) and region description. The other table is an output table with an ID field (primary key) regionID field (Foreign Key) and a region description field. Have one to many relationship between tables referrential integrety checked. If I open a recordset using DAO driver where recordset = join of two tables, pull in all fields from each table and begin adding fields to the output table, as sson as I enter a regionID in the output field the description field from the first table gets updated. This happens before recordset.update ie as soon as I do<BR>recordset("outputtable.regionid") = SomeValue the recordset("inputtable.description") field is populated. I can now grab the value from this field and stick it into the description field in the outputtable do an update and voila the description for the region id is now in the outputtable. This however does not happen if I use ADO driver to open the recordset. So my queestion is can this behaviour be replicated in ADO. I&#039;ve tried using the recordset.resync command but get error saying method unavailable using ado 2.5 driver. Now before you say why bother can always join the tables up after I populate the outputtable, this is a simplified example, the real process is dealing with 4 interellated tables where values from two of them are used to build a unique key to index into the fourth vor retreving values for the first table. This is easier to do programatically as the unique key depends not only on values from these tables but also some additional calcs which need to be performed in code.<BR><BR>I hope this question makes sense, if not I&#039;ll be glad to clarify.