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    A Herbert Guest

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    I have a TEXTAREA linked to my database, which allows users to enter comments into a form. Then, if they wish, they can get back on the page and update information, and maybe update their comments if they wish. <BR>My problem is:<BR>My comment variable in my database is only 200 characters long, and when I reload the page, it puts the whole 200 character long string into the form (regardless if it has 199 spaces and only 1 text character), plus the other new text added. <BR><BR>This causes an error when they try to re-submit, because the characters are over 200. Is there any way to only pass just the length of the words in the comment section of my database (and the words themselves), without passing the whole 200-character string (with spaces)?<BR>thanks!

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    Freddie Spencer Guest

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    Maybe use Trim() function ?<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/default.htm?/scripting/vbscript/

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    A Herbert Guest

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    OK...i&#039;ll give that a try. thanks!

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    Mi Guest

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    i think one vb function will be useful<BR><BR>leftb(exp,length)

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