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    Hi all, it might sound as a stupid question to someone, but is it possible (at least, theoretically) for a database to be on a server &#039;A&#039; and the application, ASP website on the server &#039;B&#039;.<BR><BR>If yes, what would be the requirements for the server where the database would be stored and what connection to use to link both?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default Depends on the DB.

    If you are using MS Access, then no unless the drives are mapped.<BR>Access does not have a "listener" in the same way Oracle or SQL Server does to handle remote requests.

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    Default RE: what about the server

    I tought that as well, but what about the server and the connections. Does the company have to install specific lines with hi-speed connection or 128K line (just for the database)would be enough?

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