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    I am trying to determine if an email address is coming from a specific domain. After a user enters their email address ( and clicks the submit button, how do I go about detecting that this person has an email address with &#039;doe&#039; in it?<BR><BR>

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    Default Several ways...<BR><BR>See the methods indexOf(), lastIndexOf(), match(), search() and maybe others.<BR><BR>lastIndexOf is probably all you need. Hmmm...maybe not. What about the case of <BR><BR><BR><BR>??? You&#039;d find "doe" but it wouldn&#039;t be what you were looking for.<BR><BR>Maybe you should look at split() in that same page? Though you could also simply do indexOf() and make sure that the "doe" appears after the "@", I suppose.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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