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Thread: beer

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    pi Guest

    Default beer

    if day(now)="friday" then<BR>set rs=person.createobject("glass.pint")<BR>do until drunk=true<BR>rs("getpint")<BR>rs.movenext<BR>loop <BR> <BR>this is almost working but not quite any ideas?

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    <eop> Guest

    Default *LOL*!!! Don't mind if I do!


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    Default I'll tell you why....

    it&#039;s too early.<BR><BR>that createobject is time sensitive on the server (go figure)<BR>try it about 5:00 or 6:00 PM.<BR><BR>;-)

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    Default RE: beer

    Add<BR>dim numPints<BR>do until drunk=true<BR>rs("getpint")<BR>numPints = numPints + 1<BR>If numPints Mod 2 = 0 <BR>If Not rs("readyToPuke") Then Then rs("doShot")<BR>Else<BR> rs("RushToBathroom")<BR> rs("doShot")<BR>End If<BR>End If<BR>rs.movenext<BR>loop<BR><BR>rs("passOut")

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    Freddie Spencer Guest

    Default RE: beer

    if day(now)="friday" then <BR>set rs=person.createobject("glass.pint") <BR>do until drunk=true <BR>rs("getpint") <BR>rs.movenext <BR>loop <BR>elseif day(now)="saturday" then<BR>set rs=person.createobject("tab.acid")<BR>do until stoned=true<BR>rs("taketab")<BR>rs.movenext<BR>loo p<BR>end if<BR><BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default RE: beer

    Missing a section there<BR><BR>If day(now) = "Monday" then<BR>set rs=person.createobject("pill.paracetamol")<BR>do until hangoverDulled=true<BR>rs("poppill")<BR>rs.movenex t<BR>loop<BR>end if<BR>

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    Default RE: beer

    How in the hell can one retrieve from a database without first connecting to it or anything?<BR><BR>You drunk already&#062;!?!?!?

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    pi Guest

    Default hmmm

    thanks for the ideas - sure is full of experts here! ... ;)

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    Vodka Guest

    Default Beer is good ....

    but liquor is quicker

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    Default Got Strange Error On Server!?

    Error Type:<BR>glass (0x800A01B6)<BR>Object doesn&#039;t support this property or method<BR>line 7<BR>see for more info<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas how I can work around this??

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