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    hi<BR><BR>I am making a forum in which there are different categories<BR>For e.g.<BR>1)criket<BR>2)football<BR>3)hockey<BR><BR> When some member of cricket forum send message to forum than this message <BR>goes automatically to the inbox of all the other members of cricket forum.<BR><BR>I am using ASPMail component where in the addaddress I mention address of <BR>the receipent and it works well.<BR><BR>If I have to send mail to all the members than please tell me how I do it?<BR><BR>I have thought one solution for it.I have to write query on basis of 2 fields<BR>(category and email)from access table. Taking email for a particular forum.<BR>Then putting all emails in a variable and call that variable in addaddress.<BR><BR>If you can suggest me any solution for this problem than I will be most <BR>greatful to you.<BR><BR>With warm regards<BR>Prkash joshi<BR>

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    Select all emails from your table for each forum... Then loop through rs and send email...<BR><BR>while not rs.eof...<BR>open email obj<BR>send email<BR>close email obj<BR>rs.movenext<BR>wend

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