I&#039;m look for a solution that allows people to access files via HTTP-webdav (read/write) on a remote file share.<BR>The server where the share is hosted doesn&#039;t run HTTP (only SMB access) and security must be enforced (user credentials determine access to remote files).<BR>Also the mapping towards the remote share must be "dynamic" (established on demand).<BR>e.g. USER "ROB" goes to http://IISserver/HOMEDRIVE.ASP <BR>The page authenticates the user & returns the user (Rob) an overview of e.g. "\SMBserverRob" (files & diretories), allowing the user the browse the directory structure further.<BR>The ability to download & up-load files should be provided.<BR>I need this solution for a quite large user-group!<BR>Any body know of a product that could help me here?<BR>Thanks a lot for your time!<BR>ROBBY.VOET@BELGACOM.BE<BR>www.BELGACOM.be