I designed a website for a client that is utilizing all ASP pages for server side includes and MS Access database content. The site is being hosted by a large hosting service. For the first month or so the site worked fine, no problems. However, during the last 2 weeks I get frequent HTTP/1.1 500 Server Errors when trying to access some pages. Then when i hit reload, the page will usually load successfully. I was looking at some of the site statistics, and during one 3 day period last week, there were 300 server errors out of 1600 hits. Much too many !!! However, a few weeks before there were 1600 hits and 0 errors. I&#039m wondering why there are so many errors suddenly.<BR> <BR>Do you have any idea what could be causing these? Could it have to do with the Access database? Am I doing something wrong in my coding that could cause this to suddenly occur? Or is this most likely a problem with the hosting company?<BR> <BR>I&#039m really stumped here, and although the client in question hasn&#039t yet noticed, i&#039m certain they soon will. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR> <BR>This is giving me a headache !! lol<BR> <BR>thanks....<BR>&#060; lambgoat@ptdprolog.net >