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    gayani Guest

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    I have a asp problam asking you please help me

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    We&#039;ll need a bit more information than that to help!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Troy Guest

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    What things do you need to know? I have never done this before so I don&#039;t know what info to give. <BR><BR>The site is in ASP so I am going to have a NT server for the site. If an email program only works on LINUX/UNIX, I can make a dedicated server that only hosts email with any OS. Cost is an issue, but I am looking at all ranges right now. In the next 3-4 years I am figuring on a few thousand email users. I am wanting the software expandable from 0 - 10,000+ (just incase things go REAL good). I am looking to offer web based email . Wireless and POP would be nice, but not a necesity. I would also like most, if not all, features of the basic yahoo and hotmail accounts. Besides that, I don&#039;t know what info to give. Feel free to ask any questions.<BR><BR>

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    Troy Guest

    Default OOPS answer goes with software question

    I replied to the wrong one. Now I understand why you need more info. :)

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