Using a True Object Model in a Distributed COM+ VB

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Thread: Using a True Object Model in a Distributed COM+ VB

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    Default Using a True Object Model in a Distributed COM+ VB

    Hi All,<BR>I am currently evaluating using vb to develop a distributed intranet web<BR>application. I want to make it oo as much as possible.<BR>My plan is use stateful objects in the business layer(Housed in a COM+<BR>Library application) that are manipulated by stateless COM+ objects that are<BR>called from the presentation layer.<BR><BR>E.G.<BR>CustManager(Stateless) object called from ASP Page calls CustDB object and<BR>gets data as xml(Depending on parameters can return child data also). This<BR>xml is passed as a constructor(theoretically - really an init finction) to<BR>the Customer Object or Customer Collection Object(Stateful) which converts<BR>the xml into an object model including child collections if appropriate. The<BR>CustManager then works with it and persists this as an xmlstream that is<BR>passed to the asp layer which can recreate the object model from the xml.<BR>The pages are then created from this object model. As it has an XML<BR>representation it can also be persisted to the session object.<BR><BR>This way I can still have a full object model that can be utilized in the<BR>business layer or the presentation layer.<BR><BR>Has anyone used anything similar??<BR>Thanks<BR>Sean<BR>

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