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    Help:<BR><BR>I am a web developer. I am currently developing sites in FrontPage 2000. I have a client that wants users to be able to submit data to a review committee using an *.asp, the *asp results would be sent via e-mail to the review committee member, upon review if the data is approved, the committe member would click an approve button, and the results would then populate an MSAccess database on the server for all users to view. Is this possible? If so can you refer me to some sample code, etc. I am looking for the easiest solution.<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR><BR>Renea Finlay<BR>renea_finlay@yahoo.com or<BR>(810)254-9122<BR>

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    Yes, this is all possible. I do not know of any code examples, but here is a thought.<BR><BR>The users will submit data as you said, this data will be stored in a temporary table in the db. From there, an e-mail could go out to the "Committee" with a link that basically points them to the data on the web server. There, there can be an approve button, they can click, which will move the data from the temp table to the true table in the db.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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