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    I want to execute between data query in my asp page<BR>What is the syntax of between date query<BR>Can some one write sample code for me

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    Hi Nina,<BR><BR>Consider a Table named "Sample" With column date_of_join. Below is the query to get the name of people who have joined between <BR>"datefrom" and "dateto"<BR><BR>select name,date_of_Join from Sample kncreate_modify_date between datefrom and dateto<BR><BR>For more details refer the help given in SQL Query analyser.<BR><BR>I hope the above lines would have answered ur question.<BR><BR><BR>Ruban<BR>(ruban.silvester@yah

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    If you are using an Access DB<BR>Dim FromDate, ToDate<BR><BR>FromDate=Request.form("FromDate")<BR >ToDate=Request.form("ToDate")<BR><BR>Sql="Selec t * From TableName Where DateField Between #" & FromDate & "# And #" & ToDate & "#;"

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