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    Radu Guest

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    Hello all!<BR>Let suppose I have 3 servers. <BR>I am on the first server with the IP address X.<BR>I&#039;m trying to view a page on the second server that has the IP address Y. The second server after I enter the correct information is sending me to the 3rd server. Between the second and third server is a firewall that allows only the IP address of the second server to get in: Y.<BR><BR>But when I test to see which IP address is coming to the third server is my IP, from the first server (X). Normally it should be the Y IP address because the second server is submitting my request to the third server.<BR><BR>How can I avoid that? I want to get to the third server with the second server IP address (Y).<BR><BR>1 server IP address X ---&#062; 2 server IP Address Y ---&#062; 3rd Server<BR><BR>Thank you, Radu<BR> <BR><BR>

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    neils Guest

    Default i have an idea

    quit posting your question over and over again.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Default Radu is definately on the list now

    Quit reposting.

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