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    This site is about electrnics & appliances. All items related to these stuff. <BR>I&#039;ve develop admin module where they can add/modify/delete products. Upto this everything is simple & easy, For each subcategory like television, CD player, VCR etc.. there would be different technical specification. At any time they want to add new specification(at this time they mmight not have listing of their specification) What would be best solution to store product specifications for each subcategory ? create prod specification for each subcategory? I can&#039; think of best solutions to this problem. Client also needs to format part of text, they don&#039;t want to manage HTML OR word document. They want to have as simple as typing in text boxes. <BR>any suggestions?<BR>I&#039;d greatly appreciate any help<BR>thanks

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    So you have a subcategory table and one of the fields in it is "specification". And you allow them to enter/edit the spec with a text box. What is different about this than what you have done in other areas???<BR><BR>So long as there is only one spec per subcategory you should not *have* anything more complex than this.<BR><BR>

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