I hope someone can help me out here. I am trying to connect to a database...SQL Server2000. I am using VBScript for most of my coding, however, I am trying to link to another site to obtain some dynamically generated info. I have all of that down. The problem is, after I store it into my DB, as the text, or URL the code generates, I can&#039;t seem to retrieve it from my DB using either SQL, or a recordset. The stuff I am trying to retrive from the DB is dynamically generated by JavaScript, and it&#039;s location on my page is also dynamic, with no sure way to predict where it will be as time passes, so I can&#039;t hard code the info that I am putting into a variable in the SQL statement. If I leave out the WHERE statement that has the JavaScript in it, I cna return the field I want from the top row, or I can return every row, but this doesn&#039;t help. If I didn&#039;t make any sense here, here is a sample from the code. Also, I have printed out the variable to the page, and it returns what I want, but when I put it back into the SQL, I get a BOF or EOF error.<BR><BR> Dim strSQL<BR> <BR> Dim varSTRoutput<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> varSTRoutput = "&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript&#062;document.write(article[i].url);&#060;/script&#062;"<BR><BR> <BR> <BR> strSQL = " SELECT dbo.Article.article_ID, dbo.Article.article_text, dbo.Article.headline_url, dbo.Headlines.headline_url AS Expr1, dbo.Headlines.today, " & _ <BR> " dbo.Article.todayRES " & _<BR> " FROM dbo.Article INNER JOIN " & _<BR> " dbo.Headlines ON dbo.Article.headline_url = dbo.Headlines.headline_url " & _<BR> " WHERE (dbo.Article.todayRES = &#039;" & DATE & "&#039;)" & _<BR> " AND dbo.Headlines.headline_url = &#039;" & varSTRoutput & "&#039;"<BR><BR>It&#039;s the last line of the SQL statement that is giving me all of the trouble, even when I par the statement down to a simple one, I get the same results....nothing.<BR>I would really appreciate any help I can get here, this has plagued me for days!!