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    I previously did a little ASP work using IIS and Windows NT Server 4.0. It was a VB application that had a business logic tier and was connected to Access. I need to do some more ASP work on my own system and was going to use the same software configuration. Anyone have input for using or not using the IIS/Windows NT Server 4.0 setup? Any preferences for PWS?

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    PWS is a very scaled back IIS - it&#039;s handy to run if you either don&#039;t have the desire or ability to run a server installation.<BR><BR>I use Server Installs at home to develop - I&#039;ve used PWS but I find it easier to administer a site (even if just for development) with IIS and I found PWS hanging or crashing too often. Whereas I&#039;ve had little difficulty maintaining IIS.<BR><BR>Additionally, I don&#039;t believe you can setup a project for InterDev without having IIS running - haven&#039;t tried it with PWS however.<BR><BR>

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