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    Ufda,<BR><BR>Well its the end of my work week (few hours yet) and I have question, hoping some light could be shed, my brain is tired.<BR><BR>I have a report that is built and works. Client changes mind...<BR><BR>They wanted it sorted differently.<BR><BR>it list a persons name/address and a few other basic fields.<BR>then within the loop of people I do some computation calls.<BR>*These values are not stored in the database, they are computed.<BR><BR>Well, the client decided they want to sort by the computational column. How do ya suppose I could do this?<BR><BR>If i was a sql master, I could figure out how to get the computation to work and order by it, but I am not.<BR><BR>I was thinking about building on to the end of my recordset array and then sort that.<BR>(Since they are changing their mind, performance doesn&#039;t matter)<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Shoot the client. Period.

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    Default You dont say

    I am sure it does nto really take an SQL masater to have that computed in the backend. Just write up the Sp and then maybe we can work with you to get that right<BR><BR><BR><BR>or maybe the .addnew and add a new column and then use the .sort method of ADO. never tried this but i think i could work.<BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>Well.<BR><BR>I only work in pure sql, none of this ado crap. (meaning addnew,etc)<BR><BR>the aggregate logic is all done, <BR>its encapsulated in vbs functions. nice and simple.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t know what I am going to do....<BR><BR>ahh, 4 day weekend. life is tough

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    Well here is a copy of my code I am using right now that computes a field and then sorts by that field. Im sure you can probably make it more efficient as im just a beginner but it may give you something to go on.<BR><BR> strSQL = "SELECT *, Team_Name, Div_ID, LName, FName, Position, GP, GA, G_Shutouts, Win, Loss, Tie, IIF( GP=0, 0, GA/GP ) AS GAA FROM Players WHERE Div_ID = &#039;" & strDiv_ID & "&#039; AND Position = &#039;g&#039; ORDER BY 12 ASC, 9 DESC, 10 ASC, 7 ASC, 8 DESC"<BR><BR>Hopefully that helps a little bit.

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