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    I know how to Post information from a form, but Can I send it to a webpage and email?<BR><BR>&#060;form method="POST" name="Anything" <BR>action="somewebpage.asp" and "An email"&#062;<BR><BR>I want to send the results to a messageboard on my website and also send email to people notifying them of the new message.

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    Default Can be done with a trick...

    ...but why not just use ASP to send the email? Gives you more flexibility, anyway. And of course the ASP page can send the email *and* do whatever else it needs to do!<BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>to send a form to two place:<BR><BR>(1) Turn your current page into a &#060;FRAME&#062;.<BR>(2) Add a "wrapper" &#060;FRAMESET Rows="100%,*"&#062; page.<BR>(3) create another page that goes into the bottom of that frameset and so is completely hidden (because the top frame gets 100% of the space).<BR>(4) In the hidden frame page, duplicate the form in your current page.<BR>(5) When the form in your main page is submitted, use a little bit of JavaScript to copy all the field values to the form in the hidden frame and submit it...all before allowing the submit in the main page to proceed.<BR><BR>Voila.<BR><BR>

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