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    Default master & local mode in visual interdev - help need

    I have defined my actual server as the project server, so when I work in master mode I can see changes in my files immidiately. it&#039;s great when you&#039;re testing something in a remote corner of the site, but not such a good idea when working on files which users tend to use.<BR>so I want to work locally on the files, and be able to view them before I upload them to the site. the problem is that when I switch to local mode, I cannot view the files.<BR>I do have a PWS on my PC, so my question is - how do I define to VI that the local files will be saved under wwwroot, so I can view them with thw PWS? (right now the local files are saved under "Visual Studio Projects")

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    Default Local mode only means

    that the file is saved LOCALLY on your machine and NOT in the web server. any changes will not ba made to the web server. <BR><BR>What i would suggest you do is create another project in your PWS where you copy the files and ru them from. Al changes will be made to those files and once tested you have to actually copy them to the IIS. Changing from master and local will NOT copy the files.<BR>

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    Default Not only that

    You should NEVER use the production and the development servers as the same machine -- I guess you&#039;re strapped for cash?<BR><BR>At the least, just do it all on your machine.

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