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    I&#039;m trying to learn Java to integrate with all my ASP projects. I&#039;m going through a book, and someone please tell me why this doesn&#039;t work!!!! <BR><BR>String a = "test";<BR>String b = "TEST";<BR>String position = "";<BR><BR>if (b.toLowerCase() == a)<BR>{<BR>position = "pass";<BR>}<BR>else<BR>{<BR>position = "fail";<BR>}<BR><BR>position is coming up fail! Somebody please help me. If I make both strings the same case, it works. I want to try and work it so case does not matter.<BR><BR>All help is appreciated!

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    java guru Guest

    Default try this

    if (java != ASP) {<BR> you.findNewDiscussionBoard();<BR> me.stopWastingMyTime();<BR>}

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    Java treats strings differently than JavaScript. Try:<BR><BR>if (b.equalsIgnoreCase(a))<BR><BR>will get you through it.

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