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    Sean B Guest

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    Hello I have a login page that I validate a user against an access database. If the user is successfully logged in I set in a Session Variable = true. I need to secure pages from getting directly hit from a user if they knew the URL. Now I know how to lock down specific pages by doing a check in ASP for the Session variable value. Here is my problem, I have an entire LARGE directory full of html pages that I would have to change to ASP pages to do this. Is there anyway to lock down the directory or maybe just anything proceeded with the folder name? Please Help.

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    neils Guest

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    if you have access to the actually server, you can change the authentication mode (through IIS) on that directory. disallow anonymous access and set the proper permissions on the directory, that way only authorized users can hit any page within.

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    You could put your html pages outside the website, use a db table to assign id&#039;s to each of the html files. Then do db lookup based on some passed id, get path to file, use fso to read file then response.write the contents. The problem is that nay script includes, realtive links, images will probably be screwed. <BR><BR>You could lock down the dir with NTsecurity butthen have to add users to nt security console so people cann log in + get nt login box. <BR><BR>My suggestion is to bite the bullet and change all pages to asp, however bite it in a clever way. Do a little research on fso and directory listing, shold be in faqs, use fso read files add string for asp security. Write out file with asp extension. To the extent that these files link to each other could probably do a string replace on .htm with .asp

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