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    I read the article "Viewing and Printing Access Reports with ASP and/or VisualBasic, Part 2" By Richard Chisholm, and I have sucessfully implemented his ideas. <BR>My question is more toward PWS (I think): <BR>Why does (and where does it get created) the Active connection that is created with the code not "Disconnect" if there is a problem with the code? What would I need to put in the code for error handling so as not to continue to tie up more and more of PWS 10 limited "Active Connections?" <BR>When I was testing the code on my machine I had to restart a few times because I couldnt get the PWS Active connections to drop off like with other ASP pages. I guess I really dont know how to effectively drop an Active Connection in PWS. <BR>Ideas?

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    I thought that was generally done with SetObject/server=Nothing commands at the end of your script. Maybe I&#039;m wrong.

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    ADO provides error handling capabilities, but I&#039;ve never used them, so you&#039;ll have to do some research on your own. I can tell you that there is an Errors collection and an Error object.<BR><BR>Look around for stuff on that, I&#039;m sure you can find something useful.

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