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    Mark Guest

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    Hi all,<BR>Need some advice on how to password protect certain web pages. A customer enters via login page and navigates through the site. With each new page a check is made to see whether the customer has logged in or not. I obviously only want to check user-id and password at the login stage, and was thinking of using the dreaded session for all subsequent pages. Are &#039;sessions&#039; the right way to go.....or is there a better way?<BR><BR>Thanks, Mark<BR>

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    Session or Cookie are the easiest, you could paas values of a hidden field also but this is tedious to implement. My personal opinion is that if you keep session var usage low, ie only a few text,numeric items for each user then session vars are fine.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Yes, use a session variable. It will NOT cause your site to collapse.<BR><BR>You will however have problems with users who have disabled cookies.

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