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    Bara Mustafa Guest

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    Firstly, I have an access database with a table storing records. One of the fields is a date/time field and the default info I store in there is the NOW function. How can I delete all records over, for example 3 days old? I can do it if it were just the date function stored but how with the NOW function?<BR><BR>Secondly, on an NT system, would you think MySQL or Access is better, for a small going large database. Starting with a few hundered records maybe going to a few thousand?<BR><BR>Finally, how come most hosting companies put a restriction on the size of an SQL server even though giving large ammounts of disk space?<BR><BR>I know some of these questiondhould go in other forums, but I thought I will leave them together! :o)<BR><BR>Thanks for the help in advance,<BR><BR>Bara

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    Bara Mustafa Guest

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    And one more quickie,<BR><BR>How do I store database errors in a file/database, i.e. I set an auto script to run every so ofen, I would like it to store any errors that it come up with so that I can see them later?<BR><BR>Thank again :o)<BR><BR>

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