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Thread: Database List to Form then update database.

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    I have been trying to do this for some time now and can&#039;t figure it out. I have a database with two columns ITEM and CHECKBOX(Yes/No). The idea is to select all the items from the database that have not been checked and output them in a form with checkboxes beside each item. The user can then select the items he/she wishes and when submitted the database updates the items checked to be checked in the database. As each user selects items, the selected list will grow shorter. This is being used as a sort of gift registry displaying only available gifts.<BR><BR>Can anyone offer smoe insite?

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    The logical way would be to toss out the forms way of thinking and assigning each gift and ID number. Display the list of gifts in a page where choosen (yes/no)=no have a choose link after the gift name (with the recordset data for the Gift ID in a querry string) like:<BR><BR>Code View--- <BR>&#060;a href="process.asp?&#060;%=rs("Gift_Id")%&#062;"&#0 62;choose&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Then on the process page, either update the gift as choosen right away or present a form for chooser contact information putting the gift ID in a hidden input then to a process page to update current record then back to the gifts page . <BR><BR>Or you could store the records they choose like a shoping cart then send to an contact information collection form.<BR><BR>I hope this makes sense......... at least it does in my head :)

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