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    Having sent the following message to ActivePDF Support, I have not received a reply since 14/05/2001. Can anyone help me as I want to test this before the evaluation runs out.<BR><BR>"I have installed the evaluation version of PDFServer & PDFPrinter on my Windows 2000 web server. I followed the instructions on the win2k.txt file on setting up a Postscript printer. When I run the PDFPrinter example I am receiving the following error on my web server :-<BR><BR>There was an error found when printing the document "SPrinter Print Job" to C:WINNTActivePDFActivePDF-2.PS.<BR>Do you want to retry or cancel the job?<BR>RETRY CANCEL<BR><BR>Can you help?<BR>

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    Make sure that you have the proper security settings in WINNTactivePDF<BR><BR>

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