"customer, may we turn on your cookies?"

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Thread: "customer, may we turn on your cookies?"

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    Morning coders,<BR>Instead of hoping customers will turn on their cookies before using a site, is it possible to flip them on via script? (with the customer&#039;s consent first, of course) <BR>"JoeCustomer, We use cookies to fill your cart. Yours are not currently on. May we activate cookies?" <BR>(checkbox &#039;yes&#039; or &#039;no&#039;) Thanks for any insight offered! -f

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    Default don't believe so

    if you fig this out, please shoot me an email:<BR><BR>august64w@netscape.net

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    I don&#039;t think you can turn cookies on. It has to be the user that does that.<BR><BR>The best you can do is test for them, and redirect to a page politely explaining that a browser that does not accept cookies is like an empty bottle of whisky - it&#039;s still a whisky bottle, but it&#039;s not much fun.

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    Default empty whisky bottles

    I hear ya! lol<BR>Wish there were a way to do it though. I&#039;ve become practically paranoid about session vars after reading nothing negative things about them. Yet...I don&#039;t feel like writing 35 hidden inputs per page. Would like to CORRECTLY use sessions, but still learning how. thanks for the response. []0 -f

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    I copy you, august64w@netscape.net<BR><BR>will do.

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