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    Does anyone have an idea on how to include a file of useful JavaScript Functions I have written, in multiple asp pages that are in multiple locations (different servers). They don't change much but I would like to have a place where when I add a new one they get distributed to all my webs so that I can use them there.

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    Well, <BR> if they are on the same network, you could create a mapped drive to the machine that holds the file on the webservers, then do a server.mappath to the appropriate location.<BR><BR>If they are not on the same network, then, well, I have nothing.<BR><BR>mj

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    Default Possible access by URL?

    ...Never tried this personally but I would think you could access the script with <BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT language=JavaScript src= &#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>Try it. Not sure it will work but I&#039;ve used this same tactic for stylesheets.

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