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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I have two servers, one in the UK and one in the US. Both are running the standard edition of SQL Server 2000.<BR><BR>The one in the UK will be used as the main server and we wish to have the one in the US contain an identical mirror/backup of the database in the UK. This way, if there is a problem in the UK we can switch over to the US and everything will be fine.<BR><BR>How do we go about doing this? I guess it needs to update the backup server on a transactional basis.<BR><BR>Also, what happens if the UK server goes offline and we then swith to the US server (which should be in the same state as the UK one before it went offline)? The database will then be taking updates extra but it won&#039;t be able to keep the UK server informed of the changes. When the UK server comes back online it would have to be synchronised again.<BR><BR>This is obviously a big topic so perhaps if you could just point me in the right direction.<BR>Thanks<BR>Tom

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    ...However, I would be concerned with network timeouts from your web server in the UK to the SQL Server in the US. Is there a reason you don&#039;t want the backup database in the UK as well?

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    Yes. We already have the servers setup ;)<BR><BR>Thanks though.

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