blank screen when running ASP script

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Thread: blank screen when running ASP script

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    timothy Guest

    Default blank screen when running ASP script

    Hi,<BR><BR>has anyone seen this before: IIS4 on NT4 SP6 is running fine, but when I open any .asp file, I get a blank screen. The scripts are fine, they are running on other machines.<BR>Thanks, Tim

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    larney child Guest

    Default power failure?blackout?screen attached?

    just checking the obvious? we&#039;ll figure it out together

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    timothy Guest

    Default RE: power failure?blackout?screen attached?

    hi,<BR>All services on the IIS seem running fine, HTML-pages are being displayed fine, files can be downloaded with ftp, etc. Only when I click a link to any ASP file, the screen in the browser goes blank. Maybe if I reboot the machine it will be fine. I stopped and started the WWW service on the machine. I checked the directory to see if it had scripting permission and it did.<BR>That&#039;s all I could think of. <BR>

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