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    Rafael Flores Guest

    Default ADODB.Connection / ADODB.Command

    What diferences are between ADODB.Connection / ADODB.Command ?<BR>I allways have used ADODB.Connection but what about ADODB.Command?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.

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    Default Command object is used...

    ...primarily to explicitly define parameters (both input and output) in stored procedures. It is used in conjunction with the connection object. It can be used for other things but this is what gets the greatest use.<BR><BR>There are pros and cons of using command objects in conjunction.<BR>It is supposed to be faster to define database parameters using command objects (particularly if you are returning output parameters) but I have that to not always be the case.<BR><BR>I would test the two different methodologies and evaluate each procedure on a case by case basis to determine which method is best for that particular page.

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    Rafael Flores Guest

    Default RE: Command object is used...

    ok, thanks a lot, but would yo give me some examples, to my e-mail<BR><BR>Million thanks.<BR><BR>

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