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    Hi guys,<BR><BR>My question is how to render or show an image in the browser with the binary content of the same<BR><BR>i have an image on the server which is not lying in my virtual path and it can be any where in the server hard disk<BR><BR>i have the physical path of the image<BR><BR>so how to display the image on the browser<BR><BR>please help<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance

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    You need a component to read binary image file into safearray suitable for Response.BinaryWrite method. For example, you can use ShotGraph component (its ReadBinaryFile method) for this and other problems bound with handling images by ASP scripts:<BR><BR>Do not forget to change the content type of document sent by ASP script (Response.Contenttype="image/jpeg", for example).<BR><BR>

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