Hey guys,<BR><BR>You gotta help me out with this one, because I am going crazy over this for couple of weeks now... <BR><BR>Ok, my problem is this: <BR><BR>When I start SQL server it only uses 188,012Kb , but everytime I do a query at my site, in increases it by around 70-80Kb. So now about 10 min passed and the mem usage increased to 216Mb.. I am 100% sure I oRs.Close and objConn.Close and Set Nothing both of them. <BR><BR>It happened couple of times that it goes up to 400Mb and just screws up the whole server, so that I have to restart it again. Any ideas what is happening? Maybe I should set TimeOut somewhere on SQL server? I have 500Mb database with about 20 users doing queries all the time sometimes at the same time. <BR><BR>Please let me know ASAP.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Alex<BR>DomainsBot.Com