What's the value of "Data Source="?

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Thread: What's the value of "Data Source="?

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    In a Connection String to connect a database,<BR>"Provider=SQLOLEDB;<BR> Data Source= ???;<BR> ..."<BR><BR>What&#039;s should the value of Data Source be if I want to refer to the local server? I have tried the server name but it didn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>More information: if I run the ASP page on another computer on the intranetwork connecting to the server containing the database, it works. But if I run the dame ASP page on the server itself, it doesn&#039;t. Why?

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    it&#039;s the location of the .mdb file.<BR>I&#039;m assuming you&#039;re using an access db.<BR><BR>Data Source="& Server.MapPath("/where_it_be/i&#039;m the db.mdb")

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