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    I have an access db which I want to let users update and amend their own information. What is the correct record set type for allowing multiple users to amend their details ?<BR>I&#039m not clear on the exact uses for each lock type property.<BR>Thanks in advance

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    I have used the following to update a recordset by using the recordset.addnew method:<BR> set RS= server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> RS.Open "Table1", "DSN=Exper", adOpenDynamic,adLockPessimistic<BR> <BR> RS.AddNew<BR> RS("fldOne")= Ucase(Request.Form("radio1"))<BR> RS("fldTwo")= Ucase(Request.Form("radioA"))<BR> RS("fldThree")= Ucase(Request.Form("radio3"))<BR> RS("fldDate_Sub")= Request.Form("when")<BR> RS.Update<BR><BR>Hope this helps!!

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