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Thread: Moving local files by Access Filename in .asp

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    I have one large local directory with thousands of files.<BR>I also have an Access Database with the coresponding filemanes along with other file data like a date.<BR><BR>The problem is some records were deleted, but not their files, and some files were deleted, and not their records.<BR><BR>I want to write an .asp page I run locally to select a group of records, verify their file exists, then move that file to another directory, or delete the record if the file does not exist.<BR>Then after running through all records, any files left in the original directoy can also be deleted.<BR><BR>What I am looking for are the commands to do local file manupliation on a local machine.<BR>The rest I can do myself.<BR><BR>Any idea for a source for the code and syntax for file manipulation?<BR>

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    Default Look up...File System Object on MSDN.

    That object should enable you to do whatever you want.<BR>Just be sure the IUSR_??? account the ASP page runs under has permissions on the various folders.

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    I found it.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks anyway.<BR>KC

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