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    I am thinking about hosting my own server. The whole site is made in ASP, but I would like to host it in Linux. Is this possable? Can anyone tell me the capabilities of Linux compared to Windows?

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    Default Diff between Russian and US military

    Would probably give you less results... do some searching.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re not familar with the Linux environment, this is going to be a cold shower for ya. If you got cash, go with Windows if it&#039;s more familar to you. If you&#039;re strapped, pick up some books and delve into Linux/Apache.<BR><BR>BTW -- Linux does not support ASP without a costly little program.

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    Default Yep....In fact....

    Once you&#039;ve picked up Chilisoft, and The SpicePack, you&#039;re nearly to the price of Win2K Server...So it&#039;s not even really that much more cost-effective.

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